Tingkat Pengembalian Pinjaman Pada Usaha Ekonomi Desa

Jon Syafrindow, Sujianto '


Return Loan In Rural Economic Enterprises. This study aims to identify and analyzewhat factors most closely associated with the rate of return on loans between external factors andinternal factors on Usaha Ekonomi Desa-Simpan Pinjam (UED-SP) in Rokan Hilir Regency. Thecollection of primary data and secondary data using quantitative methods through the distributionof questionnaires. Once the data is collected, the data is classified and tabulated according to thetype and range of data. It is used to describe and explain of the phenomena associated with thesefactors loan repayment rate UED-SP in Rokan Hilir Regency. The results showed significantinternal factors partially on loan repayment rate and has a positive influence or direction on thereturn. This indicates if the internal factors increase the rate of return tends to increase and viceversa. The external factors significantly partially on loan repayment rate and has a positiveinfluence or direction on the return.

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