Implementasi Program Kebun Bibit Rakyat (KBR)

Elva Hafsah, Meyzi Heriyanto


This study describes theimplementation of the People Nursery Program (KBR) in Pelalawan in 2010. The research methodused in this paper is a descriptive qualitative research methods. What research is Pelalawan andauthor of the study collected data from multiple sources of books, encyclopedias, journals and in-depth interviews with informants technical research that Forest Service officials and membersPelalawan Farmers who follow KBR Pelalawan district. This study concluded that theimplementation of the program has been implemented KBR but not managed optimally. Factorsaffecting the implementation of the program cost limitations KBR was clearing land, long periodof time in the harvest and sale of timber seedlings or trees that have to use Origin Certificate(SKAU) Wood.

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