Analisis Motivasi Birokrasi dalam Pelayanan Publik

Suryadi '


This research sought to understand: 1) The behavior of Bureaucracy in giving publicservice and 2) Motive of their behavior. The qualitative approach was employed in this researchwith the subjects of bureaucracy staff and service users. The interactive analysis model was used togather data needed by employing the procedure of data reduction, data presentation and conclu-sion drawing, and then the data was tested to know their reliability by using level of credibility,transferability, dependability and conformability. This research show that the behavior of bureau-cracy in giving public service show discriminative behavior, they have classified society into theruling group, the haves, and the poor and give them discriminative service such as giving specialservice to the ruling group, giving specific service to the haves and giving excellent service to allgroups of society, especially in arranging for trivial matters. Meanwhile behind of their behaviorthey have motive to save their position, to get more money, to get pride and sacrifice.

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