Sikap Diam Perempuan Dalam ‘Lucy’ Karya Jamaica Kincaid Dalam Merespon Sistem Patriaki

Syafri, K. '


This research is aimed to show how a novel responds critically the system of patriarchy throughwomen’s cool attitude and women’s problems in “Lucy”.By feminine perspective, the research shows that the existence of women pictured by oppression womenby men. The oppression of women is a kind of the heritage of patriarchal system coming from thewomen’s country which is often pictured through the relationship of a mother and a daughter in uniqueprocess. The women who are called as new comers are silenced by the system of patriarchy. In this case,the position of women is as an object. However, that position has changed then. The women silencesthemselves as manifestation of resistance of her heart in confronting the system of patriarchy. So, theposition has changed to subject. The silent attitude of women as resistance towards women’s colonizationbecause, actually, there is colonization in “Lucy”, that is the colonization of women by men.The arrogance of men in understanding women’s feelings as a dominant problem which is really causedby the tendency of men in colonizing women because men of ten think that women are under men’ssubordination.

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