Akmam Adi Saputra


The shifting of the local election pattern through representation towards direct regional
elections, placing the position of political marketing strategy so important in the expectations of
democracy today, because in the direct election to be known, supported and then elected, regional
head candidates & regional deputy candidates are required to approaching its constituents. This
type of research is qualitative research, the subject of the study consisted of four success teams
and one person from the community selected by purposive sampling technique. Data collection
techniques are carried out through interviews, observation and documentation. This research uses
data reduction data analysis techniques, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The results of
this study indicate that Suparman-Sukiman’s political communication style in the regional head
election campaign namely verbal communication is good vocabulary, slips humor in communicating
and has the ability to regulate speed when communicating. Nonverbal communication that is
when together using Malay and batik clothing, friendly to the community, focusing on the audience
during the campaign and relatively no distance from the community when campaigning with the
voting community. The Suparman-Sukiman pair used a political marketing strategy by utilizing
three approaches namely push marketing, pull marketing and pass marketing.


Gaya komunikasi, pemasaran politik, Pilkada, kampanye.

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