Lamria Sri Manurung, Hendar Sudrajad


Fluids are substances that can flow. One of the flow substances is liquid. Every liquid has a characteristic
that distinguishes a liquid from another liquid. One characteristic of a liquid is viscosity (thickness). The
measuring instrument used to determine the viscosity of a liquid is a viscometer. Due to the importance of the
amount of viscosity, so it is necessary to know the measurement easily, cheaply, and thoroughly. One method
is to use a stirrer viscometer as a liquid viscous measurement devices. The purpose of this research was to
determine the construction and test the designed stirrer viscometer. The research method used is the
experimental method. The procedure of this research includes designing, assembling, and testing a stirring
viscometer. The results of experiments that have been carried out show that the stirrer viscometer devices
can to used to measure the viscosity of liquids with time and temperature indicators. This tool effectively
proves that the temperature affects the viscosity of a liquid where the higher the temperature of the liquid, the
lower the value of the viscosity of the liquid, and conversely the lower the temperature of the liquid, the
higher the viscosity value of the liquid.


fluids, temperature, viscocity

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