Elysabeth Luisa Pakpahan, Fenny Cloudya Damanik, Zulfran Silaban, Edward Relius Laoli, Rita Juliani


Andaliman has the Latin name Zanthoxylum acanthopodium and is a family of Rutaceae. Andaliman is a
native spice from North Sumatra called the golden spicy from North Sumatra. Andaliman farmers in
Parsoburan Village, Toba Samosir said that one of the problems in andaliman production is the number of
Andaliman fruits that are still not effective, even most of the Andaliman fruit becomes rotten. The design of
Andaliman perfume machine has been carried out which aims to increase the usefulness of Andaliman
through the manufacture of andaliman perfume as well as to increase the economic value of Andaliman. The
method used is by designing a perfume machine and making an official perfume machine, testing the machine
and using a perfume machine. Making perfume machines and testing perfume machines was carried out at
the UNIMED Mechanical Engineering Workshop and the implementation of machine use activities was
carried out in Parsoburan, Toba Samosir Regency. The results obtained from the andaliman smoothing
machine were processed as 2 kg of perfume in a single smoothing process, for the heating stage mixed with
300 mL ethanol and the results of the perfume ± 20 mL which will be mixed with alcohol according to the
strong aroma made.


Andaliman, Andaliman Perfume, Perfume Machine

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