Implikasi Yuridis Keikutsertaan Calon Perseorangan Dalam Pelaksanaan Pemilihan Umum Kepala Daerah Dan Wakil Kepala Daerah

Edy Faishal Muttaqin


The explanation of paragraph 51 verses (1) of the Act number 24 year2003 about constitution court of justice declares that that meant with "constitutionalright" rights that regulated in the republik of indonesia country constitution year1945. Based on the rule of the paragraph 56, the paragraph 59, and the paragraph60 of the Act number 32 year 2004 about region government, only can be submittedby policies party or policies party federation, so that assumed fact doesn't makepossible civil candidate appearance, until then constitution court of justice innumber decision: 5/PUU-V/2007, date 23th July 2007.

Keywords : constitutional right, civil candidate, and constitution court of justice.

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