Morfometrik dan Meristik Ikan Kelabau (Osteochilus melanopleurus) dari Sungai Kampar, Provinsi Riau

Nur Asiah, Junianto Junianto, Ayi Yustiati, Sukendi Sukendi


Osteochilus melanopleurus or kalabau fish is indigenous fish of the Kampar River,
Riau. The information on morphological and meristical characteristics of this fish,
however, is almost none. To understand the morphological and meristical characteristics
of the fish, a study has been conducted from April to September 2017. The fish
was sampled using fish trap and nets (1.15 cm and 5 cm mesh size). Twenty one characteristics
were measured using a Vernier calliper and then each character was compared
to Standard Length (SL). There were 96 fishes captured, consist of 59 males
(160-355 mm SL, 100-1800 g BW), 22 females (310-515 mm SL, 850-4000 g BW)
and 15 juveniles (80 -180 mm SL, 11.50- 194 g BW). In general, there was no difference
characteristics in male and female fish. The distance between mouth lip to pectoral
fin was around 51% of SL; dorsal fin to pelvic fin was around 39% of SL; dorsal
back to caudal bottom was around 28 % of SL and anal fin back was around 21 % of
SL and TL was around 130% of SL. Meristical characteristics of fish are as follows: D.
II. 151/2-191/2 ; P. I. 14-17; V. I.8; A.II.61/2; C.VI.6.II. The sex of juveniles, however,
could not be identified as gonad in this young fish was not developed yet. Based on
data obtained, it can be concluded that the relative growth of all characteristics measured
were almost isometric to SL.


Morphometric, meristic, Kampar river, Osteochilus melanopleurus

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