Distribusi Spasial Logam Pb dan Cu pada Sedimen dan Air Laut Permukaan di Perairan Tanjung Buton Kabupaten Siak Provinsi Riau

Bintal Amin, Evy Afriyani, Mikel Adi Saputra


A study on the concentrations of Pb and Cu in the surface seawater and sedimenthas been conducted to determine the concentrations and to assess their spatial dis-tribution in Tanjung Buton coastal waters. All water quality parameters measuredin the present study were still in the range of tolerable levels for the survival ofmarine organisms. Heavy metal concentrations in surface seawater and sedimentwere found to have almost similar trend where the highest concentrations werefound in station closed to the most populated area in the former port area. Concen-trations of Pb in both seawater and sediment were higher than Cu. Vertical distribu-tion of Cu in sediment were clearly noticed where the concentration in deeper layerwere found to have higher concentration when compared to the upper layers (al-though they were statistically non significant) which shows the effects of anthropo-genic activities in the former port area. Concentration of Pb in seawater were possi-tively correlated with that in sediment (y = 15,58 + 5,573x; r = 0,31), whilst Cushows negative correlation (y = 0,91 - 10,5x; r = 0,1). Higher concentration ofheavy metals was assumed to be related to an increase in population inhabited thesurrounding waters and anthropogenic activities such as dumping of debris, ports,boat traffic and other anthropogenic sources. In general, the concentrations of Pband Cu in Tanjung Buton coastal waters were comparatively lower than reportedvalues in regional studies. As the ever increasing human activities and rapid devel-opments in many infrastructures and industry sectors, a continuous environmentmonitoring program should be implemented to keep and protect the sustainableTanjung Buton coastal resources.

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