Analisa Asam Amino dari Bulu Ayam dengan Metoda HPLC

Zultiniar ', Drastinawati ', Khairat '


Consumption of chicken increased from year to year, along with the increasing livingstandards and public awareness of the need for protein is contained in chicken meatand also found in chicken feathers. Increasing consumption of chickens influentialon the production of chicken feathers, which would be a waste if not properl ymanaged. Waste chicken feathers have been widely used for the manufacture ofcushions, moceng and painting. From the study of the chemical constituents ofchicken feathers, chicken feather protein content reached 81,25 %. Protein analysiswas conducted by Gunning. From the analysis of amino acids in the feather proteinusing High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method has known 15 types ofamino acids making up the protein. Amino acids serine and glutamate was an aminoacid with the highest levels (10,46 and 9,17% w/w).

Keywords: amino acid, chicken feather, HPLC

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