Hubungan Kandungan Minyak dan Nitrat dengan Kelimpahan Di atom Di Perairan Pantai Tanjung Uban Kepulauan Riau

Bintal Amin, Irvina Nurrachmi, Endah Dwi Putri, Kiki Sandra


A survey on the oil content, nitrate and diatom abundance has been conducted in thecoastal waters of Tanjung Uban during high and low tide. Oil content and nitrateanalysis as well as the identification of diatoms were carried out in MarineChemistry Laboratory and Marine Biology Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries andmarine Sciences, University of Riau. The results showed that all water qualit yparameters measured in the present study were still in the range of tolerable levelsfor the survival of marine organisms. The mean oil content varies from 0,220-0,248ppm, nitrate from 0,290-0,303 mg/l and diatom abundance ranged from 17.528 –31.012 cell/L with15 species. Oil contents during high tide were measured to behigher than low tide. Diatom abundance were found to be decreasing as the oilcontent in the coastal waters increased. Simple linear regression analysis indicatesweak positive correlation between oil contents and diatom abundance (Y = 20,76 +6278X; R2 = 0,034; r = 0,184) during high tide but on the contrary there was a strongnegative correlation between those parameters during low tide (Y = 25,74 – 19,60 X;R2 = 0,414; r = 0,643). Simple linear regression analysis indicates positivecorrelation between nitrate and diatom abundance during both high tide (Y = – 669,6+ 8.145X; R2 = 0,491; r = 0,700) and low tide ( Y = – 4.507 + 65.803X; R2 = 0,369; r= 0,607).

Keywords: abundance, diatoms, nitrate, oil content, tide

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