ANALISA ANTRIAN JALAN LUAR KOTA (Studi kasus Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatra ruas Jalan Pangkalan Kerinci -Sorek pada STA 64 + 850 – STA 99 + 930 )

Leo Sentosa, Mardani Sebayang, Suska Epriyan


The road is a crucial component in a transportation system primarily for the movement of goods,people and services. On the arterial roads, especially on Sumatra's East Cross roads (LintasTimur Sumatra), passed by various types of vehicles, has a fairly high traffic growth of 7% peryear. This will really allow for maximum traffic flow that cause a queue of traffic movement.Queues often happens behind the heavy vehicle which resulted in travel time becomes longer.This study aimed to know the size of the queue of vehicles that want to precede the vehiclebehind the front, especially heavy vehicles. To analyze the queue was conducted surveys oftraffic volumes which were classified in a vehicle riangan perjenis vehicle (LV), heavy vehicles(HV) General, heavy vehicles (HV) of wood, a small bus (SB) and Big Bus (LB), with units oftime per five minutes. Vehicle speed and the duration of the preceding observations are recordeddirectly in the field. Surveys were conducted during three days on Monday, Tuesday, andWednesday December 28 to 30 August 2006. The line is analyzed with the assumption of asingle service channel queue. Results of analysis gives the value of the longest queue occurswhen the vehicle light vehicle (LV) is behind the heavy vehicle (HV) of wood, with an averageof 32 vehicle queue length and average queue time 565 seconds, two times larger than thecondition of light vehicles (LV ) behind the heavy vehicle (HV) General. The degree ofsaturation of 0.25 and 0.52 degrees accompaniment, which means the level of service is still atlevel B.

Keywords: queues, degrees of saturation, degree accompaniment, level of service

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