Analisis Batas Ketinggian Maksimum Bangunan Pada Kawasan Pendekatan Pendaratan Dan Lepas Landas Bandar Udara Sultan Syarif Kasim II

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The landing approach and takeoff area is located around of the airport, and a part ofthe Safety of Flight Operations Zone (KKOP). There are should be free from allobstacles that endanger for flight operations during landings and takeoffs. This areais a trapezoidal shape, and extension of both ends of the runway, under thetrajectory of the aircraft after take off or to land. Initial point of this region iscoincides with the end of the primary surface, wich is 60 meters from the end of therunway and a width of 484 meters, until to the horizontal distance of 15.000 metersfrom the end of the primary surface, with a width of 4.984 meters. This study aimsto determine of the obstacle height limit, to ensure the security and safety of theflight operations, and will be the basis to determining of building height limits inthe landing approach and takeoff area at Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport. The resultscould be used as a reference for the public and stakeholders in monitoring,controlling, and administration of building permit (IMB) around of the SultanSyarif Kasim II airport, Pekanbaru. Based on the analysis of the geographical andcartesian coordinates of airports, has obtained result that the maximum buildingheight allowed in the area of the landing approach and takeoff in the direction ofRunway 18 is from 0 to 155 meters (based on AES), and in the direction ofRunway 36 is from 0 sampi 150 meter (based on AES), ride on a regular basis inaccordance to a predetermined slope for each section on each runway.

Key words: landing approach, takeoff area, obstacle limitation, airport elevationsystem.

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