Kajian Eksperimental dan Numerikal Turbin Air Helikal Gorlov Untuk Twist Angle 60 o dan 120 o

Iwan Kurniawan


This research aims to find the optimum parameters of the power coefficient againsttip speed ratio λ, and twist angle ψ which is also the optimum parameters to designa helical cross flow turbine type. Parameters are obtained from the test results andthrough numerical simulations. The test is conducted using the two physical pa-rameters of twist angle 60 degree and 120 degree with the pitch angle of 72.56degree and 57.8 degree, while the height and diameter turbine are 0.3 m and 0.18 mrespectively. Test results gives for the twist angle 60 degree has coefficient powerof 10.1% while the twist angle 120 degree has the coefficient power of 9.9%. Nu-merical simulation gives the results of the calculation as follows: the coefficientpower has 27.5% for twist angles 60 degree and has 31% for the twist angle 120degree. The coefficient power data from the test results and numerical simulationsshow different figures due to the numerical simulation does not take into accountthe friction mechanical loss and other losses, but the curve of the coefficient poweragainst tip speed ratio in the test and numerical simulation shows a slightly differ-ent trend.

Key words: Gorlov Helical Turbine, twist angle, power coefficient, tip speed ratio.Numerical simulation.

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