Kajian Variasi Perbandingan Volume Reaktan pada Sintesis Zeolit 4A dari Fly Ash Sawit dengan Temperatur 70°C dan 80°C

Fajril Akbar, Ida Zahrina, Yelmida ', Desiana Komalasari


The synthesis of zeolite 4A from palm fly ash has been done. The synthesis wascarried out by mixing of sodium silicate and sodium aluminate solutions for 3hours, then the solution was crystalizet at 70oC and 80oC for 8 hours and followedby drying at 120oC for 3hours. The product was characterized by using infraredspectrophotometry and x-ray difractometry. Some physical parameter of thereaction, those are the variation amount of sodium silicate and sodium aluminate(20/80; 40/60; 50/50; 60/40; 80/20), and two different temperature gel formationhave also been studiet. The results show that the zeolite 4A can be obtained in theratio 60/40 of sodium silicate to sodium aluminate and temperature crystalysis at80oC.

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