Penumuhan Nanopartikel Logam dengan Metode Kimia Basah untuk Meningkatkan Prestasi Super kapasitor Elektro kimia

Iwantono ', E. Taer, A. A. Umar, J. Lukita, Lustania '


Metals nanoparticles (platinum-PtNs and palladium-PdNs) have successfully beengrown on the surface of carbon electrodes and stainless steel current collectors. Thegrowths of PtNs and PdNs have been carried out using Wet Chemical Method.Characterizations of the PTNs and PdNs have been performed by using FESEM(Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy) and XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) formorphological and structural studies. Meanwhile, in order to test the performance ofsupercapacitor cells, Impedance Electrochemical Spectroscopy (EIS) has beendone. The experiment results confirmed that PtNs and PdNs grew uniformly on thesurface of carbon electrodes and stainless steel. The XRD pattern confirmed that thePtNs grown on the substrates were represented by two XRD peaks at 2θ = 40.247oand 46.815o with their crystallographic planes of (111) and (200). Meanwhile, twopeaks at 2θ = 40.225° and 2θ = 46.713° represented PdNs grown on the substrates.EIS measurements resulted the spesific capacitances of supercapacitor cells of 8.81and 20.2 F/gr for the carbon electrodes with and without PtNs, respectively. Thegrown of PdNs on the cells resulted in improving of the spesific capacitances ofsupercapacitor cells from 8.81 F/gr to 10.22 F/gr.

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